Key takeaways on how the Great Resignation is changing talent acquisition, internal mobility, and L&D.

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Developing new approaches for recruiting, retaining, and fostering talent is one of the most urgent transformations facing organizations today. But what’s the current state of talent transformation? And where are we going next?

In our newest report, you’ll find the most important talent transformation insights to emerge from our recent Certificate Programs, Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads and Leading L&D.

Answers from more than 1,000 HR and L&D professionals inform the data, which covers topics like internal hiring, AI in talent acquisition, fostering internal mobility, and how L&D can help shape the future of talent (and business) strategy.

Discover these insights and more, including:

  • Why 91% of companies aren’t taking full advantage of internal hiring practices
  • What to do in a job market where only 11% of HR professionals are satisfied with the quality and quantity of their external candidates
  • How L&D can become a better partner to the business–and why it matters

Transforming behavior and business through learning

Nomadic is the global leader in digital cohort-based learning, and specializes in helping people and organizations succeed in an era of accelerated change. Whether it’s transitioning from in-person to globally distributed work, pivoting a 10,000-person and 70-year-old organization to a new business model, or transforming middle managers into confident and nimble leaders, Nomadic has transformed some of the world’s most important companies, including IBM, Unilever, PepsiCo, Kaiser Permanente, and more. We marry narrative-driven content, sophisticated product design, and a socially-driven learning experience to achieve results previously only attainable through in-person learning, all at a global scale.

About Nomadic and the Josh Bersin Academy 

The Josh Bersin Academy was co-created by Josh Bersin and Nomadic, the global leader in digital cohort-based learning with more than a decade of experience creating cohort-based academies. This means our members get the best of both worlds: Josh Bersin’s groundbreaking human resources research and insights, all in an online academy powered by the best cohort-driven learning on the market today.

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