Explore how cohort-based learning drove transformation at PepsiCo.

Nomadic’s cohort-based learning Academy caught the eye of the CMO––and put L&D at the center of business transformation.

PepsiCo had a big goal: accelerate learning for more than 3,000 global marketers to create a new generation of leaders across the iconic PepsiCo brands. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced leadership to pivot, cohort-based learning provided an alternative approach, which quickly went from back-up plan to North Star once the company saw the impact.

A few key insights from the case study include:

  • Completion rates reached an unprecedented 80% after PepsiCo switched to a semi-synchronous cohort-based Academy
  • Learners accessed (non-mandatory!) multimedia learning resources more than 8,600 times
  • PepsiCo’s CMO was thrilled with the quantitative and qualitative data that emerged from Nomadic and noted tangible shifts in breaking down silos and unifying processes



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