Discover how AB InBev used a cohort-based experience to scale quality learning across its global brand.

Nomadic’s cohort-based Academy drove measurable behavioral change within AB InBev’s global marketing management team and turned the CMO into the initiative's biggest supporter.

In late 2019, AB InBev faced a major business challenge. The company’s marketing organization needed leaders at all levels to become more consumer-centric and agile to achieve organic growth. But their existing academy wasn’t up to the task–so they decided to switch to Nomadic. Learn how semi-synchronous cohort-based learning drove unprecedented levels of transformation across the sprawling organization of 2,000 marketers in more than 40 countries.

A few key insights from the case study include:

  • Completion rates skyrocketed to 89%, a multiple of rates for previous solutions
  • The organization saw a 40% increase in the number of people attending voluntary learning sessions
  • The CMO and other leaders now mine more than 17,000 learner comments within the Academy for insights and opportunities


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A digital Academy that transforms managers into leaders

Nomadic teaches managers how to think about emerging disciplines, how to solve problems, and how to lead. Program topics are based on the skills we've worked with leaders and academics to identify as most important for success in the future, and recent Programs have included Hybrid Working, Problem Solving by Design, the Analytical Mind, and Elevating Equity.